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Diego Berdakin Offers Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs


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Back in July, Diego Berdakin, the co-founder of BeachMint, spoke to an audience at StartupUCLA. His advice was geared toward aspiring entrepreneurs in order to help them reach their goals of launching a successful business. BeachMint is an e-commer...Continue Reading

Diego's USC Class, CNTV 474 Digital DNA: Media Redefined


Diego's USC Class, CNTV 474 Digital DNA: Media Redefined, which he teaches with Jim Wiatt and Michael Broukhim. Featured are Bill Block, Jeffrey Katzenberg, James Siminoff, and Yael Aflalo.  The class is based around a series of speakers who hel...Continue Reading

Diego Berdakin at the Tech fellow awards


For emerging technology innovators the TechFellows Awards has become a big deal. At least it was at least for Diego Berdakin, who clutched one five Disruptive Innovation Awards during the 2012 presentation. Each winner is also presented with 100,00...Continue Reading